prevalence of salmonella spp., campylobacter spp. and listeria spp. in ring-billed gulls (larus delawarensis).cloacal swabs collected from 264 ring-billed gulls (larus delawarensis) at four sites near montréal, canada were cultured for the presence of salmonella spp., campylobacter spp. and listeria spp. all birds were apparently healthy when captured or killed. of all birds examined, 8.7%, 15.9% and 9.5%, respectively, were infected with salmonella spp., campylobacter spp. and listeria monocytogenes. overall, 29.9% of gulls sampled harbored one or more of these bacteria. gulls probably play only a mino ...19921474648
first documented outbreak of listeria monocytogenes in quebec, 2002. 200314603730
canadian listeriosis reference service.listeria monocytogenes, a psychrotrophic organism capable of growing at refrigeration temperatures, is of major concern in extended shelf life, refrigerated foods. considering that as much as 80-90% of human listeriosis cases are linked to the ingestion of contaminated food, human cases are predominantly seen in high-risk individuals, including organ-transplant recipients, patients with aids and hiv-infected individuals, pregnant women, cancer patients, and the elderly. in 2001, the canadian lis ...200616602988
challenges in listeriosis cluster and outbreak investigations, province of quebec, 1997-2011.public health authorities place a high priority on investigating listeriosis outbreaks, and these epidemiological investigations remain challenging. some approaches have been described in the literature to address these challenges. this review of listeriosis clusters and outbreaks investigated in the province of quebec (quebec) highlights investigative approaches that contributed to identifying the source of these outbreaks.201424134667
analysis of listeria monocytogenes strain distribution in a pork slaughter and cutting plant in the province of quebec.following the 2008 canadian listeriosis outbreak associated with ready-to-eat (rte) meat products, regulations on the presence of listeria monocytogenes in rte food production facilities were modified by health canada, confirming the need to control this pathogen, not only in the final product but also in the plant environment. information on the occurrence of this microorganism during the early steps of production, such as the slaughtering process and in the cutting area, is scarce in canada. i ...201425474060
summary of 11 years of enteric outbreak investigations and criteria to initiate an investigation, province of quebec, 2002 through 2012.this article presents a retrospective analysis of enteric disease outbreak investigations led by or conducted in collaboration with provincial health authorities in the province of quebec from 2002 through 2012. objectives were to characterize enteric disease outbreaks, quantify and describe those for which a source was identified (including the control measures implemented), identify factors that contributed to or impeded identification of the source, and recommend areas for improvement in outb ...201425198848
widespread listeriosis outbreak attributable to pasteurized cheese, which led to extensive cross-contamination affecting cheese retailers, quebec, canada, 2008.a major listeria monocytogenes outbreak occurred in the province of quebec, canada, in 2008, involving a strain of l. monocytogenes (lm p93) characterized by pulsed-field gel electrophoresis (pfge) and associated with the consumption of pasteurized milk cheese. this report describes the results of the ensuing investigation. all individuals affected with lm p93 across the province were interviewed with a standardized questionnaire. microbiological and environmental investigations were conducted b ...201222221357
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