listeria monocytogenes isolated from vegetable salads sold at supermarkets in santiago, chile: prevalence and strain characterization.between 2000 and 2005, 717 samples of three types of salads were analysed for listeria monocytogenes in santiago, chile in order to provide information to chilean health authorities on the presence of the pathogen in vegetable salad samples and to ascertain the risk of these products for consumers. l. monocytogenes isolates were found in 88 out of 347 (25.4%) samples of frozen vegetable salads and in 22 out of 216 (10.2%) freshly supermarkets prepared, cooked or raw ready-to-eat vegetable salads ...200919410317
occurrence of listeria monocytogenes in food in chile.out of 2145 food samples analysed 77 were found contaminated with listeria monocytogenes in santiago, chile. samples were: 603 ice-cream (3.5% contaminated), 256 soft cheese (0.8%), 155 hard cheese (0%), 229 baby milk bottles (0%), 634 processed meat products (3.6%) and 268 crustaceous shellfish (11.6%). three different isolation media were used: for 318 samples, modified mcbride agar (mma), lithium chloride phenylethanol moxalactam agar, and polymyxin acriflavine lithium chloride ceftazidime ae ...200111759755
[listeria monocytogenes: report of a rise in pregnant women and literature review].listeria monocytogenes, rare pathogen in the general population, causes serious infections in patients at the extreme ages of life, pregnant woman, and those with immunosuppression. the clinical manifestations are essential to suspect the disease in patients at risk, allowing an early prescription of antimicrobial therapy, before the results of the cultures are available. clinical course and prognosis depends on how early treatment is started and, in pregnant women, the gestational age. in clíni ...200818949144
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