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dna fingerprinting by eric-pcr for comparing listeria spp. strains isolated from different sources in san luis, this study, a total of 24 listeria spp. strains were analyzed. twenty-two isolates were obtained in san luis (argentina) from human, animal, and food samples. two types of strains, listeria monocytogenes clip 22762 and listeria innocua clip 74915, were included as reference strains. all isolates were biochemically identified and characterized by serotyping, phage typing, and amplification of the flaa gene by polymerase chain reaction (pcr). repetitive intergenic consensus (eric) sequence-base ...200617037249
neonatal listeria-meningitis in san luis, argentina: a three-case report.between november 1996 and december 2006, two cases of early-onset and one case of late-onset neonatal listeriosis were reported in san luis, argentina. this article describes clinical and laboratory findings as well as treatment and outcome for newborns treated for listeria monocytogenes meningitis or septicaemia. in one of the newborns with early-onset listeriosis, meningitis led to important complications including hydrocephalus. the two other newborns showed complete recovery following adequa ...201121491067
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