virulence genes and genetic relationship of l. monocytogenes isolated from human and food sources in brazil.the herein presented assay provided a bacteriological and molecular characterization of 100 samples of l. monocytogenes isolated from human (43) and food (57) sources, from several regions of brazil, and collected between 1975 and 2013. antigenic characterization defined 49% of serotype 4b samples, followed by 28% of serotype 1/2b, 14% of serotype 1/2c, 8% of serotype 1/2a, and 1% of serotype 3b. both type of samples from human and food origin express the same serotype distribution. multiplex pc ...201728274807
incidence of listeria monocytogenes in cheese produced in rio de janeiro, brazil.the present study evaluated the incidence of listeria spp. in some brazilian cheeses obtained from retail stores in rio de janeiro, of 103 samples of various types of cheese examined as recommended in the listeria isolation protocol of the health protection branch of canada, 11 (10.68%) were contaminated by listeria monocytogenes, 13 (12.62%) by listeria innocua, 6 (5.83%) by listeria grayi, and 1 (0.97%) by listeria welshimeri. a higher incidence of l. monocytogenes as observed mainly in the ho ...19989708310
a cluster of listeria monocytogenes infections in hospitalized adults.listeriosis occurs mainly in persons at extremes of age and with immunocompromising conditions. it is believed that most cases of listeriosis are acquired in the community. a cluster of listeriosis in hospitalized patients prompted the present investigation.201020570397
bacteriologic and epidemiologic studies on the occurrence of listeria monocytogenes in healthy cattles.the incidence of listeria monocytogenes in 61 fresh stool specimens from normal beef cattle obtained from a slaughterhouse in rio de janeiro was studied. the animals were divided in two groups of similar number separated by age; animals of up to five years, and animals of 5 years and more. in the research of this microorganism 9 culture media were used: four enrichment media, one for transport and four selective media. from the results, 11 animals proved to be carriers, of which nine were five y ...19836424357
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