serological study of listeriosis in domestic animals in são paulo-brazil.a serological examination was carried out for l. monocytogenes antibodies on 9,318 domestic animal--7,809 bovine, 838 horses and 671 swine--in são paulo, brazil. serum agglutination in tubes was the method used. only somatic antigens from serotypes 1, 2, 3, 4a and 4b were employed. it was considered reagent all sera reacting in a titer 1/20 while as positive only sera with 1/320 or above. according this criteria the results showed showed that in cattle 17.8% were reagent but only 8 sera were pos ...1977407169
incidence of listeria species in raw and pasteurized milk produced in são paulo, brazil.the present study evaluated the incidence of listeria spp. in raw and pasteurized milk from a brazilian dairy plant. ten samples of each type of milk (raw types b and c and pasteurized types b and c) were collected monthly from october 1989 to september 1990 (except in december), comprising 440 samples (110 samples of each type of milk). the recovery of listeria spp. was carried out using lpm (lithium chloride phenylethanol moxalactam) and mox (modified oxford) agars, after a two-step enrichment ...19938217519
prevalence and populations of listeria monocytogenes in meat products retailed in sao paulo, brazil.this study evaluated the prevalence of the populations and serotypes of listeria monocytogenes in 552 refrigerated samples of ground beef, chicken leg, hot dog, and pork sausage collected in supermarkets in the city of sao paulo, sp, brazil, between may 2008 and july 2009. the supermarkets were selected after stratification by geographical region and by random draw. tests for presence and enumeration of l. monocytogenes were based on iso 11290-1:1996/amd.1:2004 and iso 11290-2:1998 methods, resp ...201425407460
incidence of listeria monocytogenes in cheese manufacturing plants from the northeast region of são paulo, brazil.the incidence of listeria monocytogenes in three cheese manufacturing plants from the northeastern region of são paulo, brazil, was evaluated from october 2008 to september 2009. l. monocytogenes was found in samples from two plants, at percentages of 13.3% (n = 128) and 9.6% (n = 114). samples of raw and pasteurized milk, water, and minas frescal cheese were negative for l. monocytogenes, although the pathogen was isolated from the surface of prato cheese and in brine from one of the plants eva ...201121549054
[occurrence of listeria monocytogenes in raw milk, pasteurized type c milk and minas frescal cheese commercialized in piracicaba-são paulo].samples of raw milk, pasteurized c type milk and minas frescal cheese were analyzed for the presence of listeria monocytogenes by a method developed for dairy products by lovett (1) and by lovett & hitchins (2). a total of 20 samples of each product and from different commercial brands were analyzed, obtained from various retail stores in piracicaba, sp. according to the pattern of sampling and methodology adopted, none of the samples of the aforesaid products was positive for the presence of l. ...19947786098
[occurrence of listeria monocytogenes in pre-sliced vacuum-packaged].there is scarce information in brazil and other south american countries about the occurrence of listeria monocytogenes in food, mainly refrigerated ready-to-eat products. the consumption of sliced vacuum-packaged meat products has increased in the last few years. nevertheless, a complete assessment of the risk associated with l. monocytogenes in these products is still necessary. because of the production and storage characteristics of these products, they can be considered potential vehicles f ...200314528609
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