occurrence of listeria monocytogenes in sewage sludge.the search for salmonella is the only bacteriological index included in italian guidelines (in accordance with eu regulations) for the use of sewage sludge in agriculture. as a result, information regarding the presence of listeria monocytogenes is rather limited. we therefore decided to carry out an investigation of listeria in the sludge produced by the bologna (italy) treatment plant during the various phases of treatment. five different types of sludge were analysed (primary raw, activated, ...19989789361
neonatal bacterial meningitis.neonatal bacterial meningitis (nm) continues to be a serious disease with an unchanging rate of adverse outcome of 20-60%, despite a worldwide decline in mortality. the 3 major pathogens in developed countries are: group b streptococcus, gram negative rods and lysteria monocytogenes. signs and symptoms of nm may be subtle, unspecific, vague, atypical or absent. in order to exclude nm, all infants with proven or suspected sepsis should undergo lumbar puncture. positive culture of cerebrospinal fl ...201021089719
ecological survey of listeria in the ferrara area (northern italy).a bacteriological survey was done on human and environmental specimens from the province of ferrara in northern italy to determine the prevalence of listeria spp. because no cases of listeriosis so far had been reported. ten strains of listeria spp. (1.9%) (7 l. monocytogenes, 3 l. innocua) were detected in 513 faecal specimens from asymptomatic humans, whereas none was recovered from 505 vaginal swabs of fertile women with discharges. thirteen strains (9 l. monocytogenes, 4 l. innocua) were det ...19883143192
[recent data on the spread of listeria spp. in the province of ferrara].the results of the investigations of listeria held from 1985 to 1989 in samples of foods, surface waters and stools are reported. on the whole 98 strains of listeria were isolated, 38 of which were l. monocytogenes. the first isolation of l. grayi from human stools is pointed out.19911670053
the incidence of listeria spp. in soft cheeses, butter and raw milk in the province of bologna.samples of soft cheese, butter and raw milk were examined for listeria species. listeria monocytogenes (serotype 1, haemolytic and virulent for mice) and l. innocua (the only other listeria sp. isolated) were each found in 2/21 (1.6%) of soft cheese samples. five per cent of butter samples were contaminated with l. innocua. no listeria spp. were detected in 40 raw milk samples. the results were compared with similar studies in italy and abroad.19902318744
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