[epidemiological studies on listeria infections: results of a serological study in the cuneo province]. 19744219772
[spreading of listeria monocytogenes in cheese dairy products].the increasingly more frequent occurrences of epidemic nidus of listeria monocytogenes induced the e.e.c. health organisation to research into the diffusion of such microorganism. during the first six months of 1988 the "istituto superiore di sanità" began a research into the presence of listeria monocytogenes in milk and dairy products. the biological section of the "laboratorio di sanità pubblica" of grugliasco (torino) participated in this study and in this work methods and results are report ...19892518760
[case of l. monocytogenes meningitis in the non-neonatal period].a case of listeria monocytogenes meningitidis in a little girl of envie (cuneo) is reported. the epidemiologic study has shown the presence of significatively high antibodies titers also in the sera of other members of the family.1979488580
[on the frequency of agglutinating antibodies to listeria monocytogenes in the serum of adult individuals in the province of vercelli]. 19685711213
comparison of two aflp methods and pfge using strains of listeria monocytogenes isolated from environmental and food samples obtained from piedmont, italy.listeria monocytogenes ranks among the most frequent causes of death due to foodborne illness (20-30% case fatality rate). discriminative subtyping methods are important to detect the relatedness of isolates and verify epidemiologic associations. aflp analysis is a dna fingerprinting technique based on the selective amplification of genomic restriction fragments. in this study, two aflp methods and pfge were compared in regard to discriminatory power, typeability and concordance. a total of 103 ...201121752482
[studies on the frequency of antibodies agglutinating listeria monocytogenes in population groups of piemonte (turin and cuneo)]. 19685711212
[listeria monocytogenes. vi. first research on frequency of agglutinating antibodies in diverse groups of the population of piedmont]. 19654954198
[frequency of anti-o agglutininins for listeria monocytogenes in a group of the population of biella]. 19654956913
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