serological investigations for some bacterial and viral pathogens in fallow deer (cervus dama) and wild boar (sus scrofa) of the san rossore preserve, tuscany, italy.sera of 43 fallow deer (cervus dama) of the san rossore preserve (tuscany, italy) were examined for antibodies against eight pathogens; one proved positive for brucella sp., 21 for listeria monocytogenes, 34 for chlamydia psittaci, three for coxiella burnetii, one for infectious bovine rhinotracheitis virus, 11 for parainfluenza-3 virus, 25 for bovine viral diarrhea virus and six for bovine respiratory syncytial virus. no age and sex difference in the positivity rates and titers was evidenced, w ...19882832622
[bacterial meningitis. review of literature and retrospective study of 208 cases observed].bacterial meningitis is a particularly dangerous infection of the central nervous system involving quite a number of mortal cases and frequent neurological sequelae. etiology varies in relation to the patient's age. in the first 2 months of life streptococcus b, listeria monocytogenes, escherichia coli and other gram negative enteric bacilli are more frequently isolated while in older children haemophilus influenzae, neisseria meningitidis and streptococcus pneumoniae are more common. clinical s ...19948090136
characterization of listeria monocytogenes isolates from human listeriosis cases in italy.the objective of this study was to characterize by serotyping, pulsed-field gel electrophoresis (pfge), and pcr amplification of virulence genes and markers of epidemic clones i, ii, and iii (eci, ecii, and eciii) 54 human isolates from apparently sporadic cases of infection occurring in the lombardy region and in the province of florence, tuscany, italy, in the years 1996 to 2007. listeria monocytogenes isolates were provided by the clinical microbiology laboratories of the lombardy region and ...200919605584
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