[investigation of a listeriosis cluster: how complete are laboratory-based reports?].in germany, listeriosis surveillance is based on mandatory laboratory notification of listeria monocytogenes. local public health departments (lphds) forward the received reports anonymously to state public health departments (sphds) which send them to the national public health centre. for the 28th reporting week (rw) 2003, lphds reported four cases of listeriosis to the sphd of hesse, cumulating to 19 listeriosis cases in 2003 compared to four cases in rw 1 - 28, 2002.200415609211
[bacterial cns infections in adults in southern lower saxony. a retrospective study of the göttingen neurologic university clinic].all 155 patients with suspected bacterial central nervous system (cns) infections treated from 1986 to 1991 at the department of neurology, university of göttingen, were evaluated in a retrospective study. according to the clinical symptoms presented at admission, 7 cases were classified as encephalitis, 44 as meningitis, 15 as radiculitis, 19 as ventriculitis, 61 as meningoencephalitis and 9 as meningoradiculitis. in 78% of these cases, the causative bacteria were either isolated from cerebrosp ...19947969649
[increased incidence of listeriosis diseases in lower saxony, 1983].during 1983 an unusual high incidence of listeriosis in man was observed in parts of lower saxony. 24 strains of listeria monocytogenes--all serotyp 4b--were isolated from 10 newborn infants, 3 children and 11 adults suffering from meningitis and sepsis. all of the affected newborns and children recovered with antibiotic therapy.19853873396
perinatal listeriosis in dresden 1981-1986: clinical and microbiological findings in 18 cases.between 1981 and 1986 listeria monocytogenes was isolated from blood cultures, csf, meconium/stools or external swabs from 18 newborn infants of two neonatal intensive care units (icu) in adjacent pediatric clinics of dresden. the epidemiological and clinical data of infants and their mothers, as well as microbiological and laboratory, x-ray, eeg and ultrasonic findings, are presented. all infants had an early onset of their disease. cases were classified as granulomatosis infantiseptica (three ...19892737754
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