[local epidemic of neonatal listeriosis in upper austria--report of 20 cases].in an 8 month period, 20 cases of listeriosis among neonates were seen in the federal district of upper austria. the majority of mothers reported influenza-like symptoms at the end of pregnancy. 19 cases were early-onset-infections, 6 infants developed meningitis. serotype 1/2a was isolated in 7 cases. all were of the same phage type. 15 neonates were successfully treated with aminopenicillin or penicillin. treatment with cephalosporin was ineffective. 4 mainly premature infants died, 1 was stil ...19873119914
[listeria infections of the face--report of a case seen during the 1986 listeria monocytogenes epidemic in upper austria]. 19883076733
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