[listeriosis studies in game animals in tirol and in the steiermark (austria)].serological investigations were carried out on game for listeria monocytogenes. isolation attempts were also included. listeria monocytogenes and listeria innocua were isolated.19892501155
[epidemiologic and serologic study of listeriosis in man and domestic and wild animals in austria].in the framework of a study aimed to ascertain the possibilities of infection transmission from mother to child the athors examined serologically gravid women for toxoplasmosis and antibodies against listeriosis, using routine methods, in austria in 1974, 1975 and 1975. almost all gynecologists of the region of styria (austrial), who systematically delivered data concerning abortions, premature births and stillbirths, were invited to take part in the study. at the same time data concerning domes ...1978112179
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