listeriosis surveillance: 1991.a total of 130 cases of listeriosis was reported in england, wales and northern ireland in 1991. this represents a slight increase on the 1990 total of 118 reports but a marked decline compared with the peak incidence of reporting of 291 in 1988, which was part of an upsurge of cases between 1987 and mid 1989. two epidemiological features of note in 1991 were the reappearance of a late summer-autumn peak in cases (commonly seen prior to 1987) and an increase in the number of reports among younge ...19921284938
occurrence of listeria species in raw milk and dairy products produced in northern ireland.the overall incidence of listeria spp. in raw milk samples surveyed was found to be 25.0% (listeria monocytogenes 15.3%), with the incidence in samples from processing centres 54.0% (l. monocytogenes 33.3%); this was higher than that in samples from dairy farms (listeria spp. 8.8%; l. monocytogenes 5.3%). the fda enrichment procedure was much more productive than cold enrichment and oxford agar was superior to modified mcbride agar for isolation of listeria. listeria monocytogenes was never isol ...19921348242
listeriosis surveillance: 1990.the annual numbers of reports of listeriosis in england, wales and northern ireland received by the phls communicable disease surveillance centre (cdsc) and the division of microbiological reagents (dmr) have shown remarkable changes in recent years. there was a near doubling in 1987 compared to 1986; a further increase in 1988; a sharp decline in 1989 (which occurred in the second half of that year) and, finally, the total in 1990 was the lowest since 1984. the rise and fall particularly (but n ...19911669746
human listeriosis and paté: a possible study trends in human listeriosis and determine possible sources of infection.19911932944
fatal listeria monocytogenes meningitis in two previously healthy adults. 19863739064
listeriosis surveillance: 1992.the annual reported totals of cases of listeriosis in england, wales and northern ireland have remained low over the last three years and a total of 108 cases was reported in 1992. the clinical and epidemiological features reported in 1992 were similar to those in previous years and in other countries, except for a shift in the seasonal peak to the summer (a pattern consistently seen before the upsurge in 1987) and a reduction in the case fatality rate of non pregnancy-associated cases.19937693139
occurrence and characteristics of listeria in foods produced in northern ireland.the incidence of l. monocytogenes and other listeria species was determined for 513 food samples produced in northern ireland. selected l. monocytogenes isolates were typed using mee and rflp analysis. the overall incidence of listeria in the foods examined was 35% (listeria monocytogenes 18.3%). the incidence of listeria and l. monocytogenes in four different food categories (graded i-iv according to decreasing extent of processing) being: i, 11.1% listeria and 4.7% l. monocytogenes; ii, 27.1% ...19938105855
occurrence of listeria species in ready to eat foods.over 8000 ready to eat foods were examined for the presence of listeria species. overall, 5% of foods were found to contain these organisms. higher occurrence was found in some foods such as chicken (11%) and fish (14%). most of the listeria species isolated were l. monocytogenes (49%) and l. innocua (36%) with lower numbers of other species. no seasonal pattern in the recovery of l. monocytogenes was found. unsatisfactory or potentially hazardous levels of l. monocytogenes were found in 14 prod ...19958557084
comparison of listeria monocytogenes isolates across the island of ireland.building a comprehensive knowledge base of the association of listeria monocytogenes isolates across national food chains, clinical cases, and environments can play a key role in helping control the incidence of listeriosis. today, many food chains cross national borders and are often shared by neighboring countries. this study characterized l. monocytogenes isolated from food samples in northern ireland and investigated whether similarities in the population and associations of l. monocytogenes ...201425198604
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