first-line treatment with cephalosporins in spontaneous bacterial peritonitis provides poor antibiotic coverage.abstract objective. spontaneous bacterial peritonitis is a common infection in cirrhosis, associated with a high mortality. third-generation cephalosporins are recommended as first-line treatment. the aim was to evaluate the epidemiology of microbiological ascitic fluid findings and antimicrobial resistance in denmark. material and methods. all patients with cirrhosis and a positive ascitic fluid culture, at three university hospitals in the copenhagen area during a 7-year period, were re ...201122191479
antibiotic treatment and mortality in patients with listeria monocytogenes meningitis or bacteraemia.invasive listeria monocytogenes infections carry a high mortality despite antibiotic treatment. the rareness of the infection makes it difficult to improve antibiotic treatment through randomized clinical trials. this observational study investigated clinical features and outcome of invasive l. monocytogenes infections including the efficacy of empiric and definitive antibiotic therapies. demographic, clinical and biochemical findings, antibiotic treatment and 30-day mortality for all episodes o ...201627345176
[listerial meningitis at the department of infectious diseases, copenhagen university hospital 1983-2006].listeria monocytogenes rarely causes meningitis, but when it does the course can be severe and case fatality rates high. the article describes clinical and laboratory findings as well as treatment and outcome among patients treated for listerial meningitis at the department of infectious diseases, rigshospitalet from 1983-2006.200919732509
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