incidence of listeria monocytogenes in fresh foods in barcelona (spain).from september 1989 to march 1990, a study of listeria spp. was carried out on 311 samples of raw foodstuffs from markets and other establishments in the city of barcelona. these foodstuffs included vegetables (103 samples), minced meats from pork, beef and poultry (168 samples) and bivalve molluscs (40 samples). l. monocytogenes was isolated in 7.8% of the vegetable samples, 17.3% of the minced meats and in 7.5% of bivalve molluscs. the most frequent serovars were 1/2 and 4. other species isola ...19921445758
prevalence of listeria monocytogenes and salmonella in ready-to-eat food in catalonia, spain.listeria monocytogenes and salmonella are pathogenic bacteria that can contaminate food products during or after processing. ready-to-eat (rte) food does not undergo any treatment to ensure its safety before consumption, and therefore risk of foodborne disease must be considered if these pathogens are present in the food. to evaluate the prevalence of these pathogens in rte food, 140 rte fish product samples, 501 rte meat product samples, 462 rte dairy samples, and 123 rte dishes and desserts, p ...200818468047
rhombencephalitis: a series of 97 patients.the term rhombencephalitis refers to inflammatory diseases affecting the hindbrain (brainstem and cerebellum). rhombencephalitis has a wide variety of etiologies, some of them potentially severe and life threatening without proper early treatment. in this retrospective observational study, we reviewed the records of consecutively hospitalized patients at university hospital of bellvitge (barcelona, spain) from january 1990 to december 2008. rhombencephalitis was defined as a brainstem and/or cer ...201121694648
community-acquired bacterial meningitis in cirrhotic patients.the hospital universitari de bellvitge (barcelona, spain) records all cases of bacterial meningitis in a 120-variable database. the characteristics of bacterial meningitis in cirrhotic patients are not well-known, and all cases of community-acquired bacterial meningitis occurring in cirrhotic patients were therefore identified. during 1977-2002, there were 602 episodes of community-acquired bacterial meningitis in adults, of which 29 (4.8%) occurred in cirrhotic patients. compared to non-cirrhot ...200818005179
spontaneous listeria monocytogenes peritonitis: a population-based study of 13 cases collected in spain.we aimed to assess the incidence, demographic data, clinical features, and outcome of peritoneal infections due to listeria monocytogenes in individuals with cirrhosis.200212094874
in vitro activities of 22 antimicrobial agents against listeria monocytogenes strains isolated in barcelona, spain. the collaborative study group of listeriosis of barcelona.the in vitro activity of 22 antimicrobial agents against 82 human listeria monocytogenes strains isolated in barcelona from 1994 to 1998 was determined. ampicillin and gentamicin showed good in vitro activity against all strains (mic90: 1 and < or = 0.25 microg/ml, respectively). no resistance to rifampin or co-trimoxazole was detected and only one strain was resistant to tetracycline. of the nine fluoroquinolones tested, clinafloxacin and gemifloxacin were the most active compounds (mic90: 0.12 ...200011146253
initial numbers, serovars and phagevars of listeria monocytogenes isolated in prepared foods in the city of barcelona (spain).a total of 1100 samples of prepared foods purchased in restaurants and delicatessen shops in the city of barcelona was examined for the presence of listerio. l. monocytogenes was more frequently isolated from foods intended to be consumed without further cooking (9.3%) than from foods intended to receive further cooking prior to consumption (2.9%). a quantitative study, carried out with 773 samples, yielded 1% of samples with numbers of l. monocytogenes higher than 100 cfu/g. strains of l. monoc ...19989849792
perinatal listeriosis: a population-based multicenter study in barcelona, spain (1990-1996).the aim off this study was to describe the incidence, epidemiology, clinical presentation, and outcome of perinatal listeriosis for a 7-year period (1990-1996) based on data of an active population-based surveillance project implemented in the city of barcelona, spain. there were 30 cases (20.8%) associated with pregnancy (15 pregnant women, 13 neonates, and 2 fetal deaths). the incidence of perinatal listeriosis varied from 4.1 to 0 per 10,000 live births. the proportion of perinatal cases in r ...19989788644
incidence of listeriosis in barcelona, spain, in 1990. the collaborative study group of listeriosis of barcelona.a population-based register of cases of listeriosis admitted to acute-care hospitals has been established in barcelona, spain, in order to estimate the basal incidence of sporadic cases and to facilitate epidemiological surveillance of potential epidemics. eleven acute-care hospitals reported all cases of listeriosis to a central unit following a standardized protocol. during 1990, 31 patients with listeriosis were identified, 18 of whom were residents of the city, resulting in an annual inciden ...19938508813
microbiological quality of fresh, minimally-processed fruit and vegetables, and sprouts from retail establishments.a survey of fresh and minimally-processed fruit and vegetables, and sprouts was conducted in several retail establishments in the lleida area (catalonia, spain) during 2005-2006 to determine whether microbial contamination, and in particular potentially pathogenic bacteria, was present under these commodities. a total of 300 samples--including 21 ready-to-eat fruits, 28 whole fresh vegetables, 15 sprout samples and 237 ready-to-eat salads containing from one to six vegetables--were purchased fro ...200818237811
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