[microbiological study of the meals served in school lunch rooms on the island of tenerife, spain].school lunchrooms and catered meals are of major importance from the public health standpoint. this study is aimed at evaluating the microbiological quality of the meals served in school lunchrooms for the purpose of ascertaining whether it is suitable or, to the contrary, the intake thereof may involve a serious health problem for this high-risk group.200314965066
[listeriosis in the nonpregnant adult during an epidemic outbreak on grand canary].twenty-two cases of community-acquired epidemic listeriosis were recorded from december 31st, 1991, to may 15th, 1993, at the nuestra señora del pino hospital, las palmas. the incidence during this outbreak was 31 times higher than the corresponding incidence in the last few years. twelve cases occurred in pregnant women and/or neonates and ten in non-pregnant adult individuals. our aim was to study the clinical, biological, radiological, and evolutive issues in non-pregnant adult patients. six ...19957754149
[clinical characteristics and epidemiologic study of a listeriosis outbreak in grand canary].background and methods: human infections caused by listeria monocytogenes often present as sporadic cases without any epidemiological relationship among them; however they also appear as outbreaks that are usually detected by an increase in the number of cases diagnosed by hospitals of the geographic area. between december 1991 and may 1993, twenty four cases of listeriosis were detected in three hospitals of las palmas de gran canaria; and they were classified as an outbreak. our report describ ...19968991435
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