incidence and susceptibility to antimicrobial agents of listeria spp. and listeria monocytogenes isolated from poultry carcasses in porto, portugal.the occurrence of listeria spp. and listeria monocytogenes in 63 samples of portuguese poultry carcasses obtained from two local butcher shops and one canteen in the city of porto, portugal, and the susceptibility of these bacteria to antimicrobial agents allowed for use in human or animal therapeutics were evaluated. all poultry samples were contaminated with listeria spp., and l. monocytogenes was isolated from 41% (26 of 63) of the samples. other listeria species, including l. innocua, l. wel ...200212495006
ready-to-eat street-vended food as a potential vehicle of bacterial pathogens and antimicrobial resistance: an exploratory study in porto region, portugal.the ready-to-eat street vending commerce, as street mobile food vendors, has grown exponentially worldwide, representing in some countries a significant proportion of food consumed by the urban population. however, the microbiological food safety hazards of mobile vending units in industrialized countries are scarcely evaluated. to assess the microbiological quality and safety of this type of food and try to achieve the connection of its contamination with hygienic conditions of food-handlers, w ...201525910073
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