listeriosis in auckland. 19714997667
epidemic perinatal listeriosis.during the 11 months beginning in january, 1980, 22 cases of perinatal listeria monocytogenes infection occurred at three obstetric hospitals in auckland, new zealand. most cases were due to type 1b strains. since the previous epidemic here in 1969, about one perinatal infection has been diagnosed annually in the same area. women presented in preterm (11 of 22 cases) or term labor with signs of amnionitis (11 of 22 cases) and associated fetal distress and/or meconium-stained liquor (14 of 19 cas ...19846701102
a small outbreak of listeriosis associated with smoked mussels.two perinatal listeriosis cases in auckland, new zealand, which were diagnosed during november and december 1992 gave histories of consuming brand x smoked mussels. listeria monocytogenes was isolated from an unopened packet of mussels collected from the refrigerator of one of the cases. cultures of l. monocytogenes from the two patients were indistinguishable from those recovered from the mussels by serogrouping and dna macrorestriction analysis using pulsed-field gel electrophoresis (pfge). pf ...19989801198
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