infections associated with ovine perinatal mortality in victoria.the occurrence of infections associated with perinatal mortality was investigated. in 1970, carcasses from 94 flocks distributed throughout victoria were examined by microbiological and histopathological techniques. carcasses from 4 of the same flocks were similarly examined in 1971. widespread occurrence of listeria monocytogenes and campylobacter fetus was demonstrated with l. monocytogenes being recognised in 25% of the flocks examined. no other bacterial pathogens commonly associated with ov ...1975809028
microbiological safety and food handling practices of seed sprout products in the australian state of victoria.seed sprouts have been implicated as vehicles for numerous foodborne outbreaks worldwide. seed sprouts pose a unique food safety concern because of the ease of microbiological seed contamination, the inherent ability of the sprouting process to support microbial growth, and their consumption either raw or lightly cooked. to examine seed sprout safety in the australian state of victoria, a survey was conducted to detect specific microbes in seed sprout samples and to investigate food handling pra ...201526197293
an outbreak of listerial meningo-encephalitis in outbreak of ovine listerial meningo-encephalitis on sheep farms in eastern gippsland, victoria, during winter and spring 1978, is recorded. cases were confirmed by histology of brain or by culture of listeria monocytogenes from sheep on 21 farms. the morbidity rate in affected flocks ranged from 0.2% to 8.0%, and the case fatality rate was almost 100%. the peak incidence of disease followed a period of continuous heavy rain and flooding of grazing pasture, and the majority of affected flocks ...19817259653
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