genetic characterisation of isolates of listeria monocytogenes from man, animals and food.multilocus enzyme electrophoresis was used to assess genetic relationships between 95 isolates of listeria monocytogenes, most of which were isolated in australia and new zealand from man, animals and food. the isolates were separable into two major genetic divisions; the majority of those from human patients and animals were in division i, and the majority from those foods that were not specifically associated with human listeriosis were in division ii. isolates in division i were virulent, whe ...19938429537
perinatal lamb mortality in western australia. 6. listeric infection.listeric abortion was diagnosed in sheep on 14 occasions between 1963-65, and 4 of these were associated with other major abortion pathogens. except for infection in one district, the outbreaks were scattered sporadically over the southern agricultural area. the diagnosis in 1963 was the first time listeriosis had been found in animals or man in western australia. l. monocytogenes was readily recovered in pure culture from all organs and sites cultured. all the strains were serotype 5 ivanov, wi ...1975809029
real-time application of automated ribotyping and dna macrorestriction analysis in the setting of a listeriosis outbreak.a cluster of three cases of listeriosis cases occurred against a background of endemic listeriosis in western australia. human and environmental isolates of listeria monocytogenes obtained during the outbreak investigation were rapidly subtyped by automated ribotyping using an ecori protocol and a riboprinter. dna macrorestriction analysis by pulsed-field gel electrophoresis (pfge) was used to confirm the relatedness of isolates. serogroup 1/2 predominated among the food samples and the four cli ...200312948362
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