epidemic listeriosis. report of 14 cases detected in 9 months.during the period august 1977 to april 1978, 14 black patients in johannesburg area had systemic infections caused by listeria monocytogenes. nine of these patients were neonates who presented with septicaemia (5 cases) or septicaemia and meningitis (4 cases) and 5 were adults, all of whom had meningitis. the mortality rate was 43% (6/14), with 4 neonatal and 2 adult deaths. all isolates of l. monocytogenes were type 4b. only sporadic cases of human listeriosis have previously been reported in s ...1978104398
bacterial populations associated with a sorghum-based fermented weaning cereal.microbiological surveys, to determine the quality and safety, were conducted on 45 sorghum samples comprising dry powders (n = 15) and corresponding fermented (n = 15) and cooked fermented porridge (n = 15) samples collected from households in an informal settlement of the gauteng province of south africa. mean aerobic plate counts, gram-negative counts and bacterial spore counts of sorghum powder samples decreased in fermented and cooked fermented porridge samples. however, mean lactic acid bac ...199910477073
microbiological quality and safety of ready-to-eat street-vended foods in johannesburg, south africa.fifty-one ready-to-eat street foods, 18 dishwater, and 18 surface swab samples were collected from six vendors in johannesburg, south africa. food temperatures were recorded at the time of sampling. standard methods were used to determine aerobic plate counts (apcs), spore counts (scs), and enterobacteriaceae counts (ecs) for food samples as well as coliform counts (ccs) for water and swab samples. in addition, petrifilm escherichia coli count (pc) plates were used for the enumeration of colifor ...199910571317
microbiological hazard identification and exposure assessment of street food vending in johannesburg, south hundred and thirty-two samples of beef, chicken, salad and gravy were collected from two street vendors over eleven replicate surveys to assess microbiological safety and quality. for each food type samples were collected during preparation and holding. dish water was also collected and food preparation surfaces swabbed during preparation and display. standard methods were used to determine aerobic plate counts, enterobacteriaceae counts, coliform counts and spore counts. six hundred and sev ...200011078164
cleaning and handling implements as potential reservoirs for bacterial contamination of some ready-to-eat foods in retail delicatessen environments.this study assessed the association of bacteria with cleaning tools, such as floor mops (n = 25) and cleaning cloths (n = 39), and handling devices, such as disposable plastic gloves (n = 20), used during filled baguette and assorted salad preparation in four selected retail delicatessens in johannesburg, south africa. samples of each cleaning or handling tool were prepared for aerobic (apc), coliform (cc), escherichia coli (ec), bacillus cereus (bcc), and staphylococcus aureus (sac) counts, as ...200718095448
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