chemical and bacteriological characteristics of pichtogalo chanion cheese and mesophilic starter cultures for its production.sixty-two samples of pichtogalo chanion cheese traditionally produced in crete, a few (3 to 6) days old, were analyzed for some chemical and bacteriological characteristics. the results of physicochemical analyses were as follows: (1) moisture content 61.63% (standard deviation 4.67); (2) fat in dry matter 54.03% (sd 7.73); (3) protein content 14.23% (sd 1.72); (4) salt content 1.02% (sd 0.38); (5) water activity (aw) 0.990 (sd 0.003); and (6) ph 4.36 (sd 0.25). none of the samples yielded salmo ...19989709250
effect of several map compositions on the microbiological and sensory properties of graviera cheese.the shelf life of graviera cheese, a full fat cheese produced in heraklion (crete greece), was investigated. graviera cheese was stored at 4°c for up to 90 days in polyamide packages under three different modified atmosphere compositions. control cheeses were packaged in air whereas map mixtures were map(1): 40% co(2)/55% n(2)/5% o(2), map(2): 60% co(2)/40% n(2) and map(3): 50% co(2)/50% n(2). sampling of product was carried out every 10 days to investigate its sensory quality and microbiologica ...201121549849
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