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human antirabies treatment in the united states, were examined on 965 persons treated in six states (delaware, florida, georgia, illinois, north dakota, and south carolina) and new york city in 1972 for possible rabies exposure. males 10-19 years were found to be the group at greatest risk, and exposures occurred most frequently during the warm months. dogs, other domestic animals, and wildlife were about equally responsible for human exposures in the six states, but 99% of the exposures in new york city involved dogs. antirabies postexp ...1979432411
rabies in an american bison from north north dakota (usa) during april 1998, a ranched female bison (bison bison) was found dead. at gross necropsy, there was profound hair loss and consolidated lung lobes. intracytoplasmic neuronal inclusions suggestive of negri bodies were observed in the brain stem and hippocampus, and a diagnosis of rabies was confirmed by the fluorescent antibody test. antigenic typing demonstrated the occurrence of a rabies virus variant associated with skunks from the upper midwestern usa. this case of a ra ...200010682762
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