impact of emergency oral rabies vaccination of foxes in northeastern italy, 28 december 2009-20 january 2010: preliminary rabies re-emerged in northeastern italy in 2008, in an area bordering slovenia. in 2009, the infection spread westward to veneto region and in 2010 to the provinces of trento and bolzano. aerial emergency oral fox vaccination was implemented in the winter 2009-10. since this vaccination was performed at altitudes below the freezing level, a statistical analysis was conducted to evaluate its impact. of the foxes sampled following the vaccination campaign, 77% showed a rabies antibody titre of ...201020650054
[oral vaccination in the control of feral rabies].the authors briefly report the results of laboratory and epidemiological investigations on living modified and inactivated antirabies vaccines, started in 1975 and carried out in collaboration with public health authorities and scientific institutions. the antirabies oral vaccination of foxes, using a live and modified vaccine (sadb19 tüb.) began in brescia province (val camonica) in 1984 and was extended in 1985 to bolzano and trento provinces. since july 1986 no more cases of rabies have been ...19883268770
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