[epidemiological aspects of human and animal rabies in the urban area of bamako, mali].the district of bamako is the political and economical capital city of mali with 1,800,000 inhabitants. the goal of the present retrospective study was to determine the frequency of animal bites, human and animal rabies on the one hand and to determine the frequency and the nature of mad animals on the other hand from january 2000 to december 2003 (4 years). to achieve this goal, we have analysed registers and documents related to rabies in the department of prevention and fight against diseases ...200616983822
factors associated with dog rabies immunisation status in bamako, mali.we conducted a cross-sectional survey in bamako, mali, to determine for the first time the seroprevalence of rabies virus antibodies in the dog population and people's knowledge, attitudes and practices (kap) towards the disease and its control. antibody detection was done with the fluorescent antibody virus neutralisation (favn) test, with a positivity threshold of 0.25iu/ml. we visited 2956 households in 2010 and 2011 and found 379 dogs in 279 households. data were collected on 279 dog-owning ...201726691990
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