detection of rabies virus antibodies in fruit bats (eidolon helvum) from nigeria.fruit bats (eidolon helvum) were collected from three different localities in western nigeria: oti, ibadan and idanre. fifty serum samples were analyzed using a modified rapid fluorescent focus inhibition technique against rabies, mokola, lagos bat and duvenhage viruses. twenty-five brain samples were screened for rabies and related lyssavirus antigens by direct fluorescent antibody microscopy and by an indirect fluorescent antibody technique with rabies anti-nucleocapsid monoclonal antibodies. ...19902187101
detection of mokola virus neutralising antibodies in nigerian dogs.five hundred healthy nigerian dogs were randomly selected and bled for serological detection of antibodies to lyssa-viruses, including mokola, lagos bat and duvenhage viruses. the canine sera were screened for virus neutralising antibodies by a modification of the rapid fluorescent focus inhibition technique. three serum samples were seropositive to mokola virus but all were negative to lagos bat and duvenhage viruses. the three seropositive mokola samples were also negative for rabies virus neu ...19902333438
two african viruses serologically and morphologically related to rabies virus.lagos bat virus and an isolate from shrews (iban 27377), both from nigeria, were found to be bullet-shaped and to mature intracytoplasmically in association with a distinct matrix. they were related to, but readily distinguishable from, rabies virus and each other by complement fixation and neutralization tests. the three viruses, including rabies, form a subgrouping within the rhabdoviruses.19705530013
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