profile of dog bite victims in jos plateau state, nigeria: a review of dog bite records (2006-2008).dogs are the major reservoir of rabies virus in nigeria; transmission to humans is via a bite by rabid dog. between 2006 and 2008 national veterinary research institute (nvri) rabies laboratory reported increased numbers of rabies in dogs and human dog bites. the objective of the study was to use veterinary and health records to develop a profile of bite victims and recommend appropriate public health actions.201425328631
antigenic characterization of rabies virus isolates from vaccinated dogs in plateau state, nigeria.rabies isolates (genotype 1 lyssaviruses) from vaccinated dogs that died of rabies infection in the plateau area of nigeria were characterized using monoclonal antibodies (mabs). the isolates were examined for rabies (genotype 1) and rabies-related (genotypes 2, 3 and 4) viruses by the indirect fluorescent antibody test carried out with mab 502-2, which recognizes the nucleocapsid protein of all known lyssaviruses, and with mab 422-5, which identifies only rabies-related viruses. all three isola ...200010836279
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