molecular genetic characterization of rabies virus glycoprotein gene sequences from rabid dogs in bangkok and neighboring provinces in thailand, 2013-2014.because of its association with dogs, rabies virus (rabv) is still endemic in thailand, where it is a serious public health problem. the genetic characterization of rabv in thailand is limited. therefore, in this study, we investigated the molecular epidemiology and genetic diversity of rabv in the endemic area. viral rna from 48 brain specimens from rabid dogs, collected in bangkok and seven neighboring provinces in 2013-2014, was extracted and sequenced. the complete rabies glycoprotein (g) ge ...201626887972
stray dogs in bangkok, thailand: rabies virus infection and rabies antibody thailand, the animal most reported rabid is the stray dog. dog bite related rabies cases in humans account for 70-95% of rabies related deaths. the reported incidence of dog bites is highest in the central part of the country, especially in bangkok. this epidemiological survey shows that at least five different canine rabies virus types are present in bangkok. rabies antigen and antibody prevalence in stray dogs in bangkok was also investigated. saliva and serum samples were taken from 3,314 ...200818634473
prevalence of rabies virus and hantaan virus infections in commensal rodents and shrews trapped in bangkok.five hundred rodents and shrews (rattus norvegicus: 458, rattus rattus: 28, rattus exulans: 5, mus musculus: 4 and suncus murine: 5) trapped from the fresh food markets around bangkok area were investigated for rabies virus and hantaan virus infections. no rabies viral antigens in the animals' brains were detected by direct immunofluorescence. on the other hand, antibodies to hantaan virus were demonstrated in the sera of 7 (1.53%) r. norvegicus caught in various markets using a particle aggluti ...200314696782
complex genetic structure of the rabies virus in bangkok and its surrounding provinces, thailand: implications for canine rabies vaccination and population management have been suggested as priorities in attempts at disease control in canine rabies-endemic countries. budget limitations and the complexity of social, cultural and religious variables have complicated progress in the developing world. in bangkok, thailand, an intensive canine vaccination and sterilization programme has been in place since november 2002. our objective was to determine if the rabies virus could be mapped according to its genetic variations ...200616352324
transmission dynamics of rabies virus in thailand: implications for disease thailand, rabies remains a neglected disease with authorities continuing to rely on human death statistics while ignoring the financial burden resulting from an enormous increase in post-exposure prophylaxis. past attempts to conduct a mass dog vaccination and sterilization program have been limited to bangkok city and have not been successful. we have used molecular epidemiology to define geographic localization of rabies virus phylogroups and their pattern of spread in thailand.200515985183
rabid dogs in bangkok--thonburi. a preliminary study. 19724563991
genetic typing of feline rabies virus isolated in greater bangkok, study the molecular epidemiology of rabies virus that is prevalent among cats in greater bangkok, thailand, a total of 17 rabies virus isolates from cats were characterized and compared with 120 rabies virus isolates from dogs. analyses were performed on the genetic polymorphism in the rabies virus nucleoprotein (n) gene. rabies virus n gene of isolates was amplified by reverse transcriptionpolymerase chain reaction. the diversity of n gene was revealed by the restriction fragment length poly ...200415107541
prevalence of rabies virus infection and rabies antibody in stray dogs: a survey in bangkok, investigate the rabies antigen and antibody prevalences among stray dogs in bangkok, thailand, we took both a saliva and serum sample from each of 3314 stray dogs captured once each between december 2003 and june 2004. one 2-year-old female was antigen positive in the latex-agglutination test and confirmed by reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction. the overall antibody seroprevalence from the enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay that we used was 62% (95% ci: 54, 70%). antibody seropreva ...200717141896
genetic analysis of dog rabies viruses circulating in bangkok.the genetic diversity of the rabies virus glycoprotein (g) gene isolated from individual rabid dogs (inter-hosts) and within a single infected dog (intra-host) has been analyzed in an effort to better understand selective pressures and population shifts among rabies viruses circulating in bangkok. comparison of individual master sequences among inter-hosts revealed that the dog virus isolates circulating in bangkok were phylogenetically closely related. the ectodomain of the glycoprotein was hig ...200616061424
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