clinical evaluation of purified vero-cell rabies vaccine in patients bitten by rabid animals in india.fifty-five individuals bitten by rabid animals were administered purified vero-cell rabies vaccine (pvrv) at who collaborative centre for rabies epidemiology for south-east asia at national institute of communicable diseases, delhi to test its immunogenicity, inocuity, safety and clinical efficacy. fifty-two (94.5 per cent) of these individuals underwent complete course of treatment. sera samples collected prior to the commencement of treatment showed all these persons to be sero-negative for an ...19947868836
phylogenetic analysis of indian rabies virus isolates targeting the complete glycoprotein gene.rabies a fatal viral zoonosis is endemic in india. there is no report on phylogenetic study of indian rabies virus isolates based on the complete g gene. in the present study, a total of 25 rabies positive brain samples collected during 2001-2014 from north india (up, mp, delhi, rajasthan), south india (kerala and karnataka) and gujarat states belonging to six different host species were subjected to g gene amplification by rt-pcr as three overlapping fragments of 881 bp, 991 bp and 618 bp. phyl ...201526427850
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