phylogenetic analysis of indian rabies virus isolates targeting the complete glycoprotein gene.rabies a fatal viral zoonosis is endemic in india. there is no report on phylogenetic study of indian rabies virus isolates based on the complete g gene. in the present study, a total of 25 rabies positive brain samples collected during 2001-2014 from north india (up, mp, delhi, rajasthan), south india (kerala and karnataka) and gujarat states belonging to six different host species were subjected to g gene amplification by rt-pcr as three overlapping fragments of 881 bp, 991 bp and 618 bp. phyl ...201526427850
recent emergence of the arctic rabies virus lineage.the rabies viruses that circulate in arctic countries and in much of northern and central asia are phylogenetically closely related and collectively referred to as the arctic/arctic-like (al) lineage. the emergence and spread of this lineage is of significant interest given that rabies remains a serious zoonotic disease in many parts of asia, especially in india where the prevalence of dog rabies leads to frequent human exposures and deaths. previous molecular epidemiological studies of rabies v ...201122100340
control of rabies in jaipur, india, by the sterilisation and vaccination of neighbourhood dogs.a programme to sterilise and vaccinate neighbourhood dogs against rabies was established in jaipur, india. neighbourhood dogs were captured humanely, sterilised surgically, vaccinated against rabies and, when they had recovered, released where they had been caught. between november 1994 and december 2002, 24,986 dogs were treated in this way. direct observational surveys of the local dog population indicated that 65 per cent of the females were sterilised and vaccinated, and that the population ...200616980523
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