re-emergence of dog rabies in mpumalanga province, south rabies has commonly been associated with the eastern and southern border areas in mpumalanga province, and the nkomazi district in the east has been most affected. in other parts of the province, canid rabies has been under control for many years; however, in 2008, dog rabies spread to other parts of the province and resulted in a widespread outbreak. the objective of this study was to genetically characterize rabies viruses in an attempt to determine the source of this recent outbreak. fift ...201020370435
census and vaccination coverage of owned dog populations in four resource-limited rural communities, mpumalanga province, south africa.dogs (canis familiaris) are often free-roaming in sub-saharan african countries. rabies virus circulates in many of these populations and presents a public health issue. mass vaccination of dog populations is the recommended method to decrease the number of dog and human rabies cases. we describe and compare four populations of dogs and their vaccination coverage in four different villages (hluvukani, athol, utah and dixie) in bushbuckridge municipality, mpumalanga province, south africa. cross- ...201729041786
molecular epidemiology of rabies: focus on domestic dogs (canis familiaris) and black-backed jackals (canis mesomelas) from northern south africa.phylogenetic relationships of rabies viruses recovered from black-backed jackals (canis mesomelas) and domestic dogs (canis familiaris) in northern south africa were investigated to determine whether the black-backed jackal is an emerging maintenance host species for rabies in this region. a panel of 123 rabies viruses obtained from the two host species between 1980 and 2006 were characterised by nucleotide sequencing of the cytoplasmic domain of the glycoprotein gene and the non-coding g-l inte ...200919061924
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