evaluation of cases admitted to a center in istanbul, turkey in 2003 for rabies vaccination and three rabies cases followed up in the last 15 years.we evaluated the cases of 7,266 individuals who applied to our hospital's center for rabies vaccination between january and december 2003. among 1,831 female and 5,435 male cases, 37% were given 3 doses of vaccination, 14% were given 5 doses, and in 24% of cases a 2-1-1 vaccination schedule was applied. antirabies serum of horse origin was given in 179 cases. regarding the wounds, 83% were superficial and 17% were deep. most of the cases involved dog bites (74%). of the dogs involved, 30% were p ...200616936345
wildlife rabies in western turkey: the spread of rabies through the western provinces of turkey.the incidence of rabies has decreased in turkey during recent years. however, an increasing number of rabies cases have been reported in the aegean (western) region of turkey. the virus appears to have maintained a foothold in the urban areas of the province of izmir with only three cases per year being reported during the mid-1990s. since 2001, the virus has been recorded in the previously rabies-free provinces of manisa and aydin. during this epizootic, cases have been reported in both dogs an ...200616490142
clenbuterol as a marker in baits for oral vaccination of dogs against rabies.clenbuterol was investigated as a potential marker of baits for the oral vaccination of dogs (canis familiaris) against rabies in turkey. orally administered clenbuterol is incorporated into the hair fibre during hair growth, and the uptake of clenbuterol into the hair of 18 dogs was therefore investigated in a controlled laboratory experiment. clenbuterol could be detected in the hair of the dogs 28 and 56 days after they had eaten a bait containing 0-5 mg clenbuterol. in a field study, 150 bai ...19989717220
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