genetic homogeneity within leishmania (l.) infantum isolated from human and dogs: the relationship with the sandfly fauna distribution in endemic areas of nueva esparta state, venezuela.leishmania infantum has been described as a highly polymorphic group of parasites, responsible for visceral leishmaniasis and cutaneous leishmaniasis. in this paper we report the life-cycle of l. (l.) infantum in an endemic area of visceral leishmaniasis in venezuela, by using molecular diagnosis and characterization of parasites isolated from dogs, humans with visceral leishmaniasis and sand flies. the molecular characterization was carried out by use of kdna restriction analysis, dot-blot hybr ...200515977897
isolation of leishmania infantum, zymodeme mon-1 from canine and human visceral leishmaniasis on margarita island, increase in the incidence of human visceral leishmaniasis (hvl) has been detected in recent years on margarita island, located off the ne coast of venezuela. recent studies have revealed reactivity to rk39 antigen (leishmania chagasi) in 20% of 541 sera from domestic dogs in endemic communities; pcr reactions were positive using primers for the l. donovani complex. here we report that isolates from human and canine infection, identified by isoenzyme analysis, correspond to l. infantum, zymode ...200111685252
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