leishmania(leishmania) chagasi in captive wild felids in brazil.this study used a pcr-rflp test to determine the presence of leishmania (leishmania) chagasi in 16 captive wild felids [seven puma concolor (linnaeus, 1771); five panthera onca (linnaeus, 1758) and four leopardus pardalis (linnaeus, 1758)] at the zoological park of the federal university of mato grosso, brazil. amplification of leishmania spp. dna was seen in samples from five pumas and one jaguar, and the species was characterized as l. chagasi using restriction enzymes. it is already known tha ...201019740501
expanding the knowledge about leishmania species in wild mammals and dogs in the brazilian savannah.wild, synanthropic and domestic mammals act as hosts and/or reservoirs of several leishmania spp. studies on possible reservoirs of leishmania in different areas are fundamental to understand host-parasite interactions and develop strategies for the surveillance and control of leishmaniasis. in the present study, we evaluated the leishmania spp. occurrence in mammals in two conservation units and their surroundings in brasília, federal district (fd), brazil.201525889365
presence of antibodies against toxoplasma gondii, neospora caninum and leishmania infantum in dogs from piau+¡.this study aimed to evaluate the presence of antibodies against neospora caninum, toxoplasma gondii and leishmania infantum in dogs attended at the veterinary hospital of the federal university of piau+¡, northeastern brazil, where there are no reports of the occurrence of n. caninum and t. gondii in dogs. serum samples from 530 dogs of genders, different ages and breeds from the municipality of teresina and nearby towns were analyzed using three indirect fluorescent antibody tests, each one tar ...201121722484
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