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clinical and microbiological characteristics of visceral leishmaniasis outbreak in a northern italian nonendemic area: a retrospective observational study.background. visceral leishmaniasis (vl) caused by leishmania infantum is endemic in the mediterranean area. in the last decades a northward spread of the parasite has been observed in italy. this paper describes a vl outbreak in modena province (emilia-romagna, northern italy) between 2012 and 2015. methods. retrospective, observational study to evaluate epidemiological, microbiological characteristics, and clinical management of vl in patients referring to policlinico modena hospital. results. ...201627999807
canine leishmaniasis surveillance in a northern italy epidemiological survey on canine leishmaniasis (canl) was performed during a 3-year period (2007-2009) in a public kennel of the bologna province. the presence of the disease was shown in the canine population for the first time in 2007 by indirect fluorescent antibody test (ifat). the parasite circulation was confirmed also by direct diagnostic tools, as pcr, cytology and cultural method, performed on different bioptic materials. the parasite was isolated and identified as leishmania infantu ...201121349642
[monitoring of canine leishmaniasis in northern italy: an update from a scientific network].canine leishmaniasis (canl) due to leishmania infantum is a disease of great veterinary importance and a serious public health problem. in humans, l. infantum causes visceral (vl) and cutaneous leishmaniasis (cl) and the distribution of vl overlaps that of canl. currently, vl is considered by who as an emerging zoonosis in southern europe. the dog is the only domestic reservoir of the infection and phlebotomine sandflies are the only proven vectors of leishmaniasis for dogs and humans. canl is e ...200415305715
a stable focus of canine leishmaniosis in the bologna province, italy.during an epidemiological survey carried out for two consecutive years (2001-2002), autochthonous cases of canine leishmaniosis (canl) were reported in communes of the bologna province (emilia-romagna region, northern italy), involved in the past (1971-1972) in a severe outbreak of human visceral leishmaniosis (vl). serological controls, carried out by immunofluorescence antibody test on a sample of owned dogs, detected a mean prevalence of 2.5% in the first year in 4 communes, and of 11.2% in t ...200315267002
a new stable focus of canine leishmaniasis in northern italy.a new stable focus of canine leishmaniasis (canl) was identified in a coastal adriatic area of the emilia-romagna region in northern italy. following the first clinical cases observed starting from 1998, a seroepidemiological survey was carried out on owned dogs from two communes and on animals housed in dog pounds of the rimini province. sixteen out of 612 dogs (2.6%) resulted positive to the ifa test. the 16 positive dogs all came from the two communes, with seroprevalences of 3 and 6%, respec ...200112402521
dog-transmitted zoonoses: a serological survey in the province of bologna.eight hundred and two sera of owned dogs from four small towns north-west of bologna were examined for the presence of antibodies against coxiella burnetii and leishmania infantum. at the same time, 149 sera of 69 dog owners from the same area were tested for the presence of antibodies to q fever, leishmaniasis, echinococcosis/hydatidosis and toxocarosis. of the 802 dog sera, 7 (0.87%) were positive for q fever. of the 69 dog owners, 24 (35%) were positive for q fever, 4 (6%) for echinococcosis/ ...19921303042
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