canine leishmaniasis in the gargano promontory (apulia, south italy).we examined 444 dogs by visiting farms and peripheral districts on the gargano promontory (province of foggia, apulia, south italy). clinical examination and immunofluorescence antibody test for leishmaniasis were performed. bone marrow and lymph node samples obtained from 25 dogs with positive serological test were cultured on tobie-evans medium. the results obtained show both a higher seropositivity rate for canine leishmaniasis (14.4%) and a higher percentage of asymptomatic dogs with positiv ...19921644148
[survey of phlebotomus neglectus tonnoir, 1921 (=p. major s.l.) in a leishmaniasis focus in northern italy (province of verona)].an entomological survey was carried out on leishmaniasis vectors (diptera: psychodidae) in north italy (verona province). a total of 382 sandfly specimens was caught by sticky traps in 6 collecting stations. the species identified were: phlebotomus perniciosus (62.3%), p. neglectus (= major s.l.) (5.2%), p. papatasi (2.1%), p. mascittii (0.3%) and sergentomyia minuta (30.1%). after the description of the olotype of p. neglectus by tonnoir (1921) in trieste (opicina), this is the first time that ...19958778665
incidences of canine leishmaniasis in an endemic area of southern italy.canine leishmaniasis (canl), caused by leishmania infantum, is widely distributed in many mediterranean countries and is considered endemic in southern and central italy with prevalence reaching up to 48.4%. determination of the incidence would be useful as a measure of the risk of infection, then to evaluate the usefulness of control measures and to estimate whether a new focus is autochthonous or imported. this study was performed on two sites in the apulia region of southern italy, namely sit ...200616907963
application of 10% imidacloprid/50% permethrin to prevent ehrlichia canis exposure in dogs under natural conditions.canine monocytic ehrlichiosis (cme) caused by ehrlichia canis is the most known canine tick-borne disease (tbd) spread throughout the world. preventing tick bites is a priority to reduce the risk of tbds and it was the aim of the present study to evaluate the efficacy of a combination of imidacloprid 10% and permethrin 50% (imper) (advantix; bayer ag, germany) in a spot-on formulation to control cme under field conditions. on january-march 2005, 845 dogs from two kennels in southern italy (kenne ...200818359166
phlebotomine sand fly population dynamics in a leishmaniasis endemic peri-urban area in southern italy.a 2-year survey was carried out from may to november 2008 and 2009 to study the sand fly species composition, its seasonal phenology and density in apulia region (southern, italy). the study was conducted in a dog shelter located in a new residential urban district where leishmania infantum is endemic. sand flies were collected using sticky traps from may to november, at about 7-day intervals. temperature and relative humidity were recorded daily. in december 2008, general environmental improvem ...201020816927
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