[survey of phlebotomus neglectus tonnoir, 1921 (=p. major s.l.) in a leishmaniasis focus in northern italy (province of verona)].an entomological survey was carried out on leishmaniasis vectors (diptera: psychodidae) in north italy (verona province). a total of 382 sandfly specimens was caught by sticky traps in 6 collecting stations. the species identified were: phlebotomus perniciosus (62.3%), p. neglectus (= major s.l.) (5.2%), p. papatasi (2.1%), p. mascittii (0.3%) and sergentomyia minuta (30.1%). after the description of the olotype of p. neglectus by tonnoir (1921) in trieste (opicina), this is the first time that ...19958778665
ticks and associated pathogens collected from cats in sicily and calabria (italy).limited information is available about the species of ticks infesting the cat and the pathogens that they harbor. the aims of the present study were to identify the species of ticks removed from cats living in sicily and calabria (italy) and to detect dna of vector-borne pathogens in the same ticks.201526445916
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