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a case of lingual and palatine localization of a viscerotropic leishmania infantum zymodeme in sardinia, autochthonous case of leishmaniasis of tongue and palate is reported from sardinia, italy. the parasite isolated from the lingual lesion was typed through the electrophoretic analysis of 14 isoenzymes and it was identified as leishmania infantum zymodeme mon 27.19911801144
leishmaniasis in sardinia: ii. natural infection of phlebotomus perniciosus newstead, 1911, by leishmania infantum nicolle, 1908, in the province of cagliari.two promastigote-infected specimens of phlebotomus perniciosus newstead, 1911, were found in the province of cagliari, italy. the parasites from one specimen were successfully cultured in a hamster. the isolate was typed on 11 enzymes and shown to be identical with the reference strain of leishmania infantum this is the first typing of a leishmanial organism from naturally infected p. perniciosus.19863798544
two cases of primary endonasal leishmaniasis in sardinia (italy).leishmaniasis is an endemic protozoan infection in sardinia, one of the major islands of the mediterranean basin. we report two cases of endonasal primary leishmaniasis, which is a very rare event in adult men who are immunocompetent, born in, and residents of sardinia. the diagnosis was confirmed by the presence of intra and extracellular leishmania amastigotes in the histological smear. isoenzymatic characterization identified leishmania infantum zymodeme mon-111 in both cases. laboratory and ...200919723479
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