Epidemiologic relationship between Toscana virus infection and Leishmania infantum due to common exposure to Phlebotomus perniciosus sandfly vector.Sand flies are recognised vectors of parasites in the genus Leishmania and a number of arthropod-borne viruses, in particular viruses within the genus Phlebovirus, family Bunyaviridae. In southern France, Toscana phlebovirus (TOSV) is recognized as a prominent cause of summer meningitis. Since Leishmania and TOSV have a common vector (Phlebotomus perniciosus), an epidemiologic link has been assumed for a long time. However, there is no scientific evidence of such a link between human leishmanios ...201121949894
a century of leishmaniasis in alpes-maritimes, france.a century of publications on leishmaniasis in alpes-maritimes, in southern france, is here reviewed. autochtonous human and canine leishmaniasis were first recognised in this département, which lies by the mediterranean sea and near the italian border, in 1918 and 1925, respectively. the parasite responsible for the leishmaniasis, leishmania infantum, is transmitted by phlebotomus perniciosus and p. ariasi. the human leishmaniasis is zoonotic, with domestic dogs acting as the main 'reservoir' ho ...200717877875
canine leishmaniasis in south-east of france: screening of leishmania infantum antibodies (western blotting, elisa) and parasitaemia levels by pcr quantification.leishmania infantum leishmaniasis is endemic in south-east of france. the main goal of our study was to evaluate the real prevalence of asymptomatic carriage in dogs by means of real time quantitative pcr (qpcr) and serology. we included prospectively 140 military dogs wearing deltamethrine-impregnated collars. parasitaemia levels were then measured by means of quantitative real time pcr targeting kinetoplast dna with taqman chemistry. elisa and western blotting (wb) were used for serological sc ...200919720466
[leishmania infantum mon-24 cutaneous leishmaniasis observed in grassa (alpes-maritimes) in a tunisian child]. 19892624379
human visceral leishmaniasis in alpes-maritimes, france: epidemiological characteristics for the period 8 years (1985-1992), 65 cases of human visceral leishmaniasis (hvl) have been diagnosed in the department of alpes-maritimes, france, 56 of them having been infected locally. the annual frequency has increased from 3 cases in 1985 to 15 cases in 1992. there is a low rate of paediatric cases (29%) and a predominance of males among adult cases (85%). since 1986, 19 cases of co-infection with leishmania and human immunodeficiency virus 1 have been reported, corresponding to 40% of adult cases an ...19948153991
use of the leishmanin skin test and western blot analysis for epidemiological studies in visceral leishmaniasis areas: experience in a highly endemic focus in alpes-maritimes (france).fifty unselected subjects living in alpes-maritimes, france, a high risk area for visceral leishmaniasis due to leishmania infantum, were examined simultaneously by the leishmanin skin test and the western blot technique in 1993; 32% and 38%, respectively, gave a positive reaction. the concordance of the 2 methods was 82%. thus, in this high risk area, a large proportion of inhabitants had been exposed to the parasite. the use of these 2 tests should permit the detection of potential cases of re ...19947886761
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