diagnosis of leishmaniasis in maltese dogs with the aid of the polymerase chain reaction.visceral leishmaniasis due to infection with leishmania infantum (a member of the l. donovani complex) has been known in malta since the beginning of the century. in 1946, when human diseases became compulsorily notifiable on the islands, the leishmaniasis figures were 1264 visceral cases, 36 cutaneous cases and 5 unspecified. five cases of cutaneous infection were reported in 1997 and 23 cases of cutaneous and 3 of visceral infection in january-october 1998. there may be considerable under-repo ...200212055838
laryngeal leishmaniasis in malta.the localization of leishmania spp. in the larynx is rare especially when not associated with immunosuppression or with visceral or cutaneous leishmaniasis. we present a case of isolated laryngeal leishmaniasis, the first of its kind documented in malta and infrequently reported from the mediterranean basin.200716797076
leishmaniasis in malta and the mediterranean basin.leishmaniasis is a public-health problem in most countries bordering the mediterranean littoral. in malta, where the disease has been recognized for many years, phlebotomus perniciosus is the established vector and dogs act as reservoir hosts. visceral leishmaniasis (vl) was the only form of the disease recorded in malta until the early 1980s, when cutaneous leishmaniasis (cl) was recognized. although the incidence of cl has recently increased, the overall numbers of cases of leishmaniasis have ...19979625930
manifestations of paediatric leishmania infantum infections in malta.leishmania infantum is endemic in the maltese archipelago, a group of islands in the mediterranean which are visited frequently by tourists from northern european countries. the burden of leishmaniasis is highest in children who may present with cutaneous or visceral manifestations. we describe systematically the manifestations, diagnosis and management of leishmaniasis in children <14 years of age, who had a histopathological diagnosis of leishmaniasis in malta, from 2004 to 2008. eleven childr ...201121212024
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