epidemiology of human visceral leishmaniasis in taounate, a northern province of morocco.we report the preliminary results of an epidemiological survey carried out in the locality of ouled hcein, province of taounate (north morocco) around one visceral leishmaniasis infant case. the strain isolated from the child was characterized by three methods as leishmania infantum and its isoenzyme pattern was indistinguishable from zymodeme mon-1. the human survey in the locality of origin of the index case did not show any additional case and the serology was negative for the whole people sa ...19979296060
canine leishmaniasis due to leishmania infantum mon-1 in northern morocco.a seroprevalence study of canine leishmaniasis was carried out in five provinces in northern morocco: taounate, al hoceima, zouagha moulay yacoub, chefchaouen and ouezzane. 55 localities have been concerned and a total of 1,013 dogs were screened, which represents almost 100% of the canine census. of the screened dogs: 87 showed antibody titer > or = 100 when tested by ifat (seroprevalence of 8.6%) and were distributed in 83 asymptomatics (without clinical symptoms) and four symptomatics (with o ...19989879555
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