distribution of sandfly species in relation to canine leishmaniasis from the ebro valley to valencia, northeastern spain, only two of the 12 recorded species of sandflies, phlebotomus (larroussius) ariasi tonnoir and p. (l.) perniciosus newstead, are proven vectors of leishmania infantum nicolle, the causative agent of endemic leishmaniasis. studies of the distributions of phlebotomine sandflies are important for evaluating the possible effects of climate warming on any northward or altitudinal range shifts of leishmaniasis or the other diseases they transmit. we describe a recent sandfly survey in spain, ...200415490237
[community outbreak of cutaneous leishmaniasis in la ribera region of valencia, spain: public health measures].outbreaks of human leishmaniasis are not very common in spain, despite being considered an endemic disease. in this study, a new outbreak in the valencian community is presented. its principal objective is to describe the clinical-epidemiological characteristics and to present the main public health measures established to contain the outbreak.201627236236
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