leishmania (leishmania) infantum enzymatic variants causing canine leishmaniasis in the huelva province (south-west spain). 199910696403
changes in antibody titres against leishmania infantum in naturally infected dogs in southern spain.monthly serological follow-up of the antibody titres against leishmania infantum in hunting dogs in rural southern spain was carried out during the transmission period (from april to october in 1996). titres > or = 160 were regarded as indicating disease, while lower positive tires were also recorded as 'seropositive'. over this period, a significant (p < 0.05) increase in the percentage of dogs with a titre > or = 160 was observed; from 12.6% in april to 19.2% in october. the same pattern was o ...19989566089
leishmaniasis eco-epidemiology in the alpujarra region (granada province, southern spain).an eco-epidemiological study was carried out in the region of the alpujarras (southern spain, granada province). nine villages were chosen at random in 5 bioclimatic zones. a study of leishmaniasis in the canine and human populations, was carried out concentrating especially upon schoolchildren. a total of 615 dogs were screened, which represents almost 100% of the canine census. of the screened dogs, 33 showed an antibody titer > or = 1/160 when tested by ifa (seroprevalence of 5.3%). age, sex, ...19968786221
phlebotomus perniciosus newstead, 1911, infection by various zymodemes of the leishmania infantum complex in the granada province (southern spain).this study presents the results of the isoenzymatic characterization of 21 strains of leishmania of sandfly (p. perniciosus) origin from the torvizcón area. it forms an integral part of a larger eco-epidemiological study of the alpujarras (granada province, southern spain). the strains analysed were shown to belong to the l. infantum complex based on the results of 15 enzymes. the electrophoretic profiles for the enzymes mdh, g6pd and np1 have permitted the identification of four zymodemes: gr-1 ...19948070958
isoenzymatic characterization of the etiologic agent of canine leishmaniasis in the granada region of southern spain.sixty-four strains of leishmania of canine origin, 61 visceral and three cutaneous, were isoenzymatically examined. these were collected from 23 sites in the granada region in southern spain. starch gel was used in electrophoresis and a total of 15 enzymes were studied. all of the visceral strains and two of the cutaneous ones were identified as l. infantum zymodeme gr-1 (= mon-1). the third cutaneous strain was of a different zymodeme, belonging to the same complex but differing in the glucose- ...19948024071
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