leishmaniasis in central and southern tunisia: current geographical distribution of zymodemes.the authors report the identification of leishmania strains isolated from the centre and the south of tunisia. 266 strains were isolated between 1998 and 2006 from human (n=221 strains) and dogs (n=45 strains) hosts. the isoenzymatic identification exhibits the presence of in total five zymodemes belonging to three leishmanio complexes: leishmania infantum, l. major and l. killicki. all strains isolated from human and canine visceral leishmaniasis belonged to l. infantum. zymodeme mon-1 was the ...200717933302
the phlebotomine fauna (diptera: psychodidae) of the eastern coast of identify the phlebotomine sand fly populations of the eastern coast of tunisia, an entomological survey was carried out between september and october 2005 at 71 sites located in three districts. cdc light traps and sticky papers were used to collect a total of 2,138 phlebotomine sand flies representing nine species. the predominant species occurring on the eastern coast of tunisia are, in order of abundance, phlebotomus longicuspis nitzulescu, 1930 (40%); phlebotomus papatasi scopoli, 1786 (2 ...200919198511
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