[extension of the transmission area of kala-azar caused by leishmania infantum (nicolle 1908) to the center and south of tunisia].seventeen (17) parasitologically confirmed cases of infantile kala azar (ka) are reported from 1982 to 1991 in tunisia, in areas (gouvernorates of sidi bouzid, kasserine, sfax, gafsa and tozeur) where the disease has never (or exceptionally) been reported before. this tendency to the extension of the ka areas from northern tunisia to the central and southern parts could be explained by the ecological modifications that occurred in these zones following agriculture development programs that inclu ...19911824507
[risk factors of leishmanin-skin test positivity in transmission of leishmania infantum in the center of tunisia].this work aims to estimate prevalence and evaluate risk factors of leishmanin-skin test positivity. a cross-sectional leishmanin skin test study was carried out on a sample of 3190 healthy volunteers living in the gouvernorates of kairouan and kasserine. age standardized prevalence of leishmanin-skin test positivity was 45.9% (ci95% = [43.9-47.9]) confirming the hyper endemicity of this region. the rate of leishmanin-skin test positivity ranged from 75.9% (ci95% = [71.9-79.5]) in zaghdoud (kairo ...200315941064
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