leishmania infantum in the himalayas.visceral leishmaniasis (vl) was first reported in pakistan over 30 years ago from the remote north-eastern himalayan region. sporadic cases are now widely reported from the northern areas, part of north-west frontier province (nwfp) and punjab province, together with azad jammu and kashmir (ajk). two hundred and thirty-nine cases, mostly young children, have been reported in the last decade; 52% were under 2 years old, and 86% were aged less than 5 years; the male:female ratio was 3:1. in a cros ...19957747300
clinicopathological features of childhood visceral leishmaniasis in azad jammu & kashmir pakistan visceral leishmaniasis (vl) is endemic in azad jammu & kashmir. northern areas and northwest frontier province; the areas which lack adequate diagnostic facilities. this study describes the clinical and laboratory features in 61 cases of childhood vl.200516599035
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