re-emergence of visceral and cutaneous leishmaniasis in the greek island of crete.leishmaniases are vector-borne diseases transmitted by phlebotomine sand flies. three species of leishmania are found in the mediterranean basin: leishmania infantum, the most common species responsible for both visceral (vl) and cutaneous leishmaniasis (cl); leishmania major, found in north africa and middle east causing cl; leishmania tropica with a limited presence in europe, causing cl. during the last 25 years, crete has become an endemic zone for l. infantum with a high number of infected ...201222217163
dna sequencing confirms pcr-rflp identification of wild caught larroussius sand flies from crete and cyprus.many phlebotomine sand fly species (diptera, psychodidae) are vectors of the protozoan parasite leishmania causing a group of diseases called the leishmaniases. the subgenus larroussius includes sand fly vectors found in south east mediterranean basin responsible for visceral (vl) and cutaneous human leishmaniasis (cl). it is important to monitor these medically important insects in order to safely predict possible leishmania transmission cycles. leishmania infantum is endemic in the islands of ...201627609635
increasing incidence of zoonotic visceral leishmaniasis on crete, determine whether the incidence of canine leishmaniasis has increased on crete, greece, we fitted infection models to serodiagnostic records of 8,848 dog samples for 1990-2006. models predicted that seroprevalence has increased 2.4% (95% confidence interval 1.61%-3.51%) per year and that incidence has increased 2.2- to 3.8-fold over this 17-year period.200919523295
intestinal parasites and vector-borne pathogens in stray and free-roaming cats living in continental and insular greece.this survey investigated the distribution of various intestinal parasites and vector-borne pathogens in stray and free-roaming cats living in four regions of greece. a total number of one hundred and fifty cats living in three islands (crete, mykonos and skopelos) and in athens municipality was established as a realistic aim to be accomplished in the study areas. all cats were examined with different microscopic, serological and molecular assays aiming at evaluating the occurrence of intestinal ...201728141857
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