rapid detection of leishmania infantum infection in dogs: comparative study using an immunochromatographic dipstick rk39 test and direct agglutination.a rapid, sensitive and specific tool for detection of leishmania infantum infection in dogs, would be highly desirable, because it would allow control interventions in endemic areas of zoonotic visceral leishmaniosis (zvl). in this study, we compared an immunochromatographic dipstick test with direct agglutination test (dat) for detecting l. infantum infections in dogs from areas of zvl endemic in iran. the validity of the dipstick rk39 (cypress diagnostic company, belgium) for canine visceral l ...200415135863
practical approach for typing strains of leishmania infantum by enzyme polymorphism: a cross sectional study in northwest of present study, all samples collected from kalybar and ahar districts in northwest of iran from 12 patients (bone marrow aspirates), 26 dogs (spleenic and hepatic aspirates) and more than 100 sand flies between years 2004-2006. all patients were clinically diagnosed to have visceral leishmaniasis. serological profiles of all sera samples from both human and dogs were in accordance with leishmaniasis (dat). isoenzyme profiles of these isolates were compared with those of reference using 12 enzy ...200719093520
occurrence of low density of leishmania infantum in sandflies from a new focus of visceral leishmaniasis in northwest of iran.observations and case studies have shown that the number of visceral leishmaniasis (vl) cases have increased in the recent years in several areas of iran including sarab district, east azerbaijan province. sarab district has been considered as a new focus of vl in iran. the density of the sandfly vector and the leishmania parasites causing infection has been assessed in 2009.201323995314
natural infection of wild caught phlebotomus tobbi to leishmania infantum in east azerbaijan province, northwestern iran.zoonotic visceral leishmaniasis is caused by leishmania infantum, which is transmitted to humans by bites of phlebotomine sandflies and is one of the most important public health problems in iran. to detect and identify the leishmania parasites and their corresponding vector(s), an investigation was carried out in azarshahr county, a new and important focus of the disease in east azerbaijan province in northwestern iran during late april to late october 2010.201323703436
feline visceral leishmaniasis in kerman, southeast of iran: serological and molecular study.visceral leishmaniasis (vl) is a fatal zoonotic disease in tropical and sub-tropical countries including iran. dogs constitute the main domestic reservoir for vl (kala-azar) in iran but incidence of the disease in cats from fars and east azerbaijan provinces has led to propose them as secondary reservoirs, and possible expansion of the feline role in the transmission of disease. the aim of this study was to evaluate the prevalence of leishmania infantum infection in stray cats in kerman city by ...201728352052
first report of natural infection in cats with leishmania infantum in iran.visceral leishmaniasis (vl), caused by leishmania infantum, is an endemic zoonosis in iran. in recent years, leishmania infection in cats has been reported in several countries where leishmaniasis is present. the aim of this study was to survey leishmania infection in cats and to detect its causative agents in vl endemic areas in iran. forty stray cats were captured from two areas where vl is endemic, fars and east azerbaijan provinces. infection with leishmania was evaluated by parasitological ...201019492951
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