characterization of leishmania parasites isolated from provinces of the islamic republic of iran.leishmania parasites isolated in the islamic of iran were studied by a random amplified polymorphic dna polymerase chain reaction (rapd-pcr). of 82 isolates, 80 were from cutaneous lesions, 1 from a human throat lesion and 1 from a dog. of these, 42 isolates were l. tropica, 36 were l. major and 2 were l. infantum. there were 2 unidentified isolates (from the throat lesion and a cutaneous lesion) and these demonstrated 52% and 48% similarity with l. tropica and l. infantum. both l. tropica and l ...200215339122
seroepidemiological study of visceral leishmaniasis among humans and animal reservoirs in bushehr province, islamic republic of iran.using direct agglutination tests, a survey of visceral leishmaniasis was carried out among children and adults from 13 villages and from nomadic tribes in bushehr province during 1998-99. of the 1496 plasma samples, the overall seropositive rate (titres > or = 1:3200) was 3.4%. almost all cases (94.1%) were in children under 10 years old. eighteen patients were diagnosed with kala azar; fever and splenomegaly were the predominant signs and symptoms. parasitology and serology examinations of loca ...200115332732
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