[investigation of tularemia seroprevalence in the rural area of thrace region in turkey].the first published tularemia epidemic in turkey had been reported in 1936 from luleburgaz (located in european part-thrace region-of turkey), and the second was in 1945 again in the same province. following a long period of time without any tularemia report from thrace region, in 2005 another epidemic occurred in a village of edirne, another province located in the same region. since there is presumptive evidence of circulation of the infectious agent, francisella tularensis in thrace region of ...200717933252
[investigation of the presence of francisella tularensis by culture, serology and molecular methods in mice of thrace region, turkey].tularemia is a disease that has been reported in turkey since 1936. although mice are considered to have a role in the transmission of francisella tularensis to man, this has not been exactly confirmed yet. the aim of this study was to investigate the presence of f. tularensis in mice by using culture, serology and molecular methods. for this purpose, four villages (edirne-demirkoy, kirklareli-kaynarca, tekirdag-muzruplu, tekirdag-sinanli) were selected in thrace region of turkey where tularemia ...201424819259
tularemia re-emerging in european part of turkey after 60 years.the aim of this study was to investigate a tularemia outbreak in the thrace region of turkey. the outbreak occurred in demirkoy village of edirne, in 2005. of 400 villagers, 266 were examined and their sera were taken. throat swabs and lymph node aspirates were cultured. specific antibodies in patients and domestic animals were screened by a microagglutination test. pcr assays and cultures of the samples of patients, animal tissues, and water sources were performed, along with active surveillanc ...200617186960
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