genomic analyses of francisella tularensis strains confirm disease transmission from drinking water sources, turkey, 2008, 2009 and 2012.waterborne epidemics of tularaemia caused by francisella tularensis are increasingly reported in turkey. we have used whole genome sequencing to investigate if f. tularensis isolated from patients could be traced back to drinking water sources. tonsil swabs from 33 patients diagnosed with oropharyngeal tularaemia in three outbreaks and 140 water specimens were analysed. f. tularensis subsp. holarctica was confirmed by microagglutination and pcr in 12 patients and five water specimens. genomic an ...201526062561
an outbreak of oropharyngeal tularaemia linked to natural spring water.a tularaemia outbreak was investigated involving 188 suspected cases in the kocaeli region of turkey between december 2004 and april 2005. a case-control study comprising 135 laboratory-confirmed cases and 55 controls was undertaken to identify risk factors for the development of the outbreak and to evaluate laboratory diagnostic methods. tularaemia was confirmed by a microagglutination test (mat) titre of >or=1 : 160 in 90 of the patients. in mat-negative sera, 23/44 (52 %) were positive by eli ...200919074661
[a small water-borne tularemia outbreak].the aim of this study was to investigate a small tularemia outbreak in a village of karamürsel county of kocaeli province (located in north-west part of turkey), between 22 january - 8 march 2005 and to present the anti-epidemic measures implemented. following diagnosis of oropharyngeal tularemia in two patients living in the same village, a field investigation was performed at this region. all patients have undergone physical examination. blood samples and if possible throat swabs and lymph nod ...200818444562
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